Friday, January 28, 2011

LIFT -- Currently IN the Art-o-mat machine

Currently IN the Art-o-mat machine at LIFT in Royal Oak, MI.

Quick overview...
NEW to LIFT: Weener Ware, Charlie Cook, Carrie Price, Leticia Miller
Re-stocked: Kill Taupe, Juana Moore, Lil' Woodies
Held Over: Scribe O' Rice, Jodi Hoover, Patrick Harris, Julie Armbruster
  • Patrick Harris -- celebrity zombies
  • Leticia Miller -- inanimate pet in a hand made sweater
  • Carrie Price -- cats? monkeys? monsters? you tell me!
  • Weener Ware -- arty bottle cap pins
  • Kill Taupe -- Bunnies!
  • Julie Armbruster -- beasties/really cool characters
  • Lil' Woodies -- 2-sided lucky coins
  • Charlie Cook -- whimsical mountainous landscapes
  • Scribe O' Rice -- microcalligraphy on rice
  • Juana Moore -- Queens O' Scream
  • Jodi Hoover -- monsters
Click the photos for more info


Elin said...

Everything is gorGEEEous!

artgirl said...

what's involved in hosting a machine? do you have to have an art venue/business?

Took said...

Here is a link to the information on the Art-o-mat website.

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