Thursday, January 27, 2011

365 Day 27

no pictures, not much to report...

Today I changed the art in the Art-o-mat machine at LIFT in Royal Oak. (I will post the changes tomorrow...I am drifting too much right now to make all the links and photos.)

And Juana and I had a delicious light lunch at the Thai restaurant by LIFT.

Then we went to Utrecht and got some markers and foam core and went back to her house to make two 2-sided signs to cheer on the Devil's Night Dames at the Detroit Derby Girls bout on Saturday.

Then I cleaned the snow off my car in Juana's driveway -- apparently reached too far with a few stretches, pulled a muscle in my back and drove home in the long slow crawl along 8 Mile from Ferndale to Northville. Sloppy roads, not terribly dangerous...but people were going really slow.

I think the combination of lifting the front of the machine, sitting in the booth at the restaurant, walking carefully on the snowy sidewalks, sitting at her table trying to use very dry markers on foam core, cleaning snow off the car (not a usual activity for me), then the slow prolonged drive sitting in the car ALL contributed to my super bad back pain.

When I got home I took a muscle relaxer and grabbed a cold pack from the freezer and sat with Twink for 20 minutes. Now that muscle relaxer is kicking my butt...ahhhhhh.

I was planning on working on puppets tonight, but I think I will be involuntarily dozing in front of the tv soon, and in the likelihood that I will nod off and sleep past my midnight deadline I thought I better post this now.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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