Wednesday, January 26, 2011

365 Day 26

frustration, minor triumph(s)...then shopping

Here's the thing. I am fairly old. I have no technical training and very little practical experience with computers. I basically have no clue about the things that most kids learn everyday in elementary school now. The simple fact is that I just don't care enough about digital things to take classes that are going to be very difficult for me. I have no interest in this whatsoever. I can make my way around super simple things like this blog or Facebook...but when it comes to word processing or tweaking photographs, forget it. It takes me forever and then trying to retain anything I finally got right after hours of reading "help" pages (ha!) -- testing and trying and retrying and finally stumbling on to a minor success -- then trying to understand what I just did so I could repeat it to make a second item -- well...this makes for a very frustrating morning...then afternoon. (sorry for that awkward sentence)

But I am happy to say that I did not allow Pages (iWork '09) to completely overwhelm me and I actually think I could sit back down and make another page that has columns on it...even after having spent time away from the computer. yay, me.

I needed to make new labels for the finger puppet series. These will go on the edges of the box. I still need to make the main label with photograph and title, but this was enough for I haven't settled on a name for the series yet...and I need to take some photographs.

After making those labels I found that I was out of Xyron adhesive. Yay -- this meant I needed to take a trip to Michaels! While I was there I also got some new buttons/eyes and very colorful yarn and a few new floss colors. Now I can make more puppets after this series.

I planned on doing more work on the last twenty puppets today, but it took me all day to do the labels...did I mention I am fairly old? I get worn out easy...LOL. I will probably work on the puppets tonight while watching tv, but I wanted to file this progress report...such as it is.

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