Monday, January 24, 2011

365 Day 24

I'm over half-way done with this set of 50 finger puppets for Art-o-mat. Only 20 to go!

Today I chose the fingers for the remaining puppets and put their button eyes on.

The fingers with two open sides -- the ones that need two seams -- curl up when you sew the eyes on.

I am going to keep working on these tonight while I am catching up on my television shows. Maybe I will get another 10 completed for tomorrow's check-in. Maybe I will also come up with a name for the series...any suggestions?


Elin said...


Woodie said...

i'm bad at naming things! the word tiddleywinks pops to mind. or zombie bunnies. or manic moppets. hee hee. whatever you call them, they are super cool. :)

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