Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012/365 - Day 362

getting back to the pile o' Tookies

Tonight I have been working on Tookies finger puppets for Art-o-mat.  I had a work bin of 100 of them at one time, then I started taking some with me to work on away from home and they were misplaced, then I found some of them...then tonight to get the total number back up to 100 I needed to replace 16 of them.  Tonight those 16 got button eyes.  

Tonight I found 11 glove parts with loose buttons/eyes.

Then I needed to gather up another 5 to get back to a total of 100.

Bootsy cracks me up -- he was "busy" moving that blue plastic water cap around...picking it up and carrying it, batting it, etc.  He was under the table and maneuvering through the electronics wires when he heard a sound in another part of the house and he just stopped and stood there OVER that part of the table -- he stayed like that for about 30 seconds.  What a nut!  That is his "don't-you-dare-put-this-in-your-damn-blog-or-on-Facebook" look.

Done for tonight!

Tookies finger puppets pilin' on.

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