Sunday, December 2, 2012

2012/365 - Day 337

not much to show -- lots of thinking...

Today was a day of a lot of thinking and brainstorming and making lists.  Also thinking about the next guy I will be hand sewing for myself with plenty of room for experimenting.

First I had to go in and sew up small sections of the old seams that were a bit off.  Small holes that maybe someone else wouldn't see in the final creature, but I knew they were they and they bothered me.

In the ATC group I belong to, we will be making pages for a collaborative book with the theme of "house".   Today I started making lists of anything to do with the word house...common phrases, different slants on the word "house" itself.

A second list was started for longer phrases, titles, lyrics, etc.

The pages will be 4"x6" vertically oriented.  I am not sure I will use ANY of the things I listed today, but it has me thinking in a lot of different directions.  This project has a February deadline so there is plenty of time -- but I want to get an idea or two and then use the time to really express what I choose.

I am not sure if each of my pages will be the same or if they will all be different.

Back to the sewn-together-piece-of-fabric.  I sewed up the long edge with gold-ish thread so I could tell which seam was the side.

I need to make the legs... 

...and decide whether they will be placed inside of the bottom seam or if they will be added onto the surface of the body.

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