Monday, December 24, 2012

2012/365 - Day 359

arms for the combo-creature

Today I was thinking about what the arms of the combo-creature might be made from.  I unearthed some great fabric I bought from Lynn Krawczyk a while back -- two of the designs/colors would work really great.

The colors blend really well and the pattern fits it so perfectly -- the repetition of the vertical lines/seams in body of combo-creature and the dots/colored buttons on the creature.


I tried sketching and jotting down some ideas before I forgot them.

I tried out stitching the lines for the fingers on the combo-creature's hands...I really ought to get a little embroidery hoop -- it would make this so much better.  It was also the very edge of the fabric.

I think it would be kind of cool to fill in the dots with colors of embroidery floss...maybe it would almost look tattoo-y.

If I used this olive and copper fabric, I could use the printed side for the top of the arm/hand and turn it inside out for the back.

Or I could put olive to orange and alternate the front/back for each arm.

Or I could use two sides copper/olive and make yarn spike many options.

I was also thinking today maybe I might try to use this (sort of) sgraffito design guy from a ceramic piece I made a long time ago...

...and make a doll out of it...stitching the sgraffito lines onto the fabric.


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