Saturday, December 8, 2012

2012/365 - Day 343

carving waves for a sea monster ATC

Today I am working on teaching myself to carve some waves for the January artist trading card swap with the theme: sea monsters.  At some point I will be drawing some sort of sea monster as well.

By enlarging and tracing some of the examples I found, I am starting to get the hang of the motion I need for drawing my own waves.

Tracings are on the top, my scribbles are on the bottom.
 The look I am going for is like those theater sets where people are moving cut out and painted waves and other elements are hanging, being moved, etc.

 Like this sort of thing...isn't this beautiful?

I know I have other examples in kid books but I can't find them today.  I pulled up this still from the film "Moonrise Kingom" -- that sort of waves.

Eventually I will feel confident enough to draw and carve my own waves...and they will be combined with my clouds and other elements that I have made previously.

I am going to use the "make-it-twice-as-big-then-reduce-it-to-the-correct-ATC-size" method that I've used in the past for other artist trading cards.

The oversized playing card is the size I work in and then the Magic: the Gathering cards are what I use as a foundation/base for my cards.

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