Friday, December 7, 2012

2012/365 - Day 342

we won a gift basket from the raffle!

Remember all of those fabulous gift baskets I have talked about that were being raffled off for the benefit of the Northville Art House?  Well, my sister Sue and I won one!

This is an early shot of the holiday goodness in the upper gallery at Northville Art House -- many of the wreaths and artwork have been sold.

 Ruth won a basket, too! 

And Ruth happened to be out and about when she got the call and she went up to the Art House and picked up both baskets and came by my house so we could open them up.

This is the cute gingerbread snowman ornament that was on our basket.

This guy was on Ruth's basket.

LOOK at all the wonderful stuff in our basket!

We even had one of William Hessian's miniature Northville mustangs from the 2nd Annual Northville Miniature Art Hunt in there -- I am especially excited about that!

Sue and I will divvy up our loot -- what fun!

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