Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012/365 - Day 351

and now, for the sea monster...

Today I took a stab at drawing and carving a very simple sea monster.  I am not sure if this is the one I will end up with for the final version of the card, but I am pretty happy with him.

My drawing with the inspiration illustration -- I also had images of some Magic: the Gathering cards in my head.

Not too bad for a first try.

I traced it, transferred it, then realized it was going in the wrong direction.  Sometimes I get confused with flipping the designs too many times (and over-complicate the process).

So I re-traced him and carved him in the right direction.  I figured if I left a lot of open area I could add details if/when I wanted them.  And with no eye or nostril he could have an endless number of different faces.

As I was carving a couple of bits were left behind (as always) and they just happened to be in the area of where a nostril and eye would be.  I left them for now...but they won't be there after I clean this guy up a bit...but I am not doing that today.

I pulled out all of those other carvings I made earlier this year (or was it last year around this time?).  I think the sea monster and waves match the style of the other carvings pretty well.

I printed a few images and cut them out and laid them over an oversized playing card for size...I think this is going to work!

This is also the sort of dimensional look I was going for. 

Eventually I would like to make a bunch of little dioramas or shadow boxes or something with carved images made into little vignettes.


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