Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012/365 - Day 360

sorting and re-finding

I wanted to DO something today...the studio is a mess and I am having trouble being able to do much physically with this stupid bum knee.  I am not going to run on and complain about it, I'm just sayin'.  BUT I had two bins in the living room that I could sort from my chair and I wanted to go through them and separate and bag up the various yarns I have so I can work on Tookies and sewing stuff.

Getting down to the bottom of the bin.

YAY -- two bins sorted into one!

 AND I found all of the stuff I was looking for -- the socks Suzanne gave me, some bits of fabric I had misplaced AND the packet of not-so-sharp large-eye tapestry needles I knew I had!


ha -- these guys were in the very bottom of bin number two -- these are some of the first things I made with the magic knit gloves!

I think I will re-work them and embellish them some more.  Cool!

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