Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012/365 - Day 354

lots of photos...not all that much going on, really

Joan, Leann, and I finally got together today (late this afternoon) -- it seems like it has been a long, long time since we've had a Wednesday Morning at Joan's.  Leann came and got me and we went to Tuscan Cafe and Joan joined us there...and then Joan dropped me back home afterwards.  It was great to just sit and chat!  AND Leann had handmade presents for Joan and me -- black and red birds -- they are SO cool.  I knew exactly where I wanted to put them.

The birds are so wonderful!

I put them up as best I could tonight...reaching up as far as possible.  I will need to get someone to help me place them a little better.

They look GREAT at the top of my studio door!

It's like they've always been there!

I love them -- thanks, Leann!

This is a close up of the bag that Joan's birds came in...I kinda confiscated/traded her my bag for hers.

I want to use these bears as inspiration for drawings/carvings and/or maybe a plaster cloth guy.

Earlier today Sue came over and we ran a couple of errands -- one of the errands was to FINALLY get me a humidifier.  YAY!

I needed to move the cat furniture to put the humidifier in the best location.  Then Bootsy wanted a photo session.

adorable cat

goofy cat

sweetie face cat

"I-need-to-TOUCH-things-with-my-paws" cat (looking at Twink).

"LOOK-at-how-tall-I-am" cat

Later on I was back at making a few more spikes for the combo-creature.  These are three of the four I made for the head.

There are now 25 spikes on the head.

I got this brainy idea to make stripier striped spikes by cutting off the fingers and using the more colorful hand parts. 

In my glove "collection" most of the fingers are solid colors and the hand parts have the design...although some of the stripey (and ALL of the variegated) have the design on the fingers...but mostly not.
It is a bit trickier than just making spikes from the fingers.  The colorful parts are being taken from fingers with two open ends -- no side seams.  These are from the "b" bin for making Tookies finger puppets.  The "a" fingers have one seam and are easier to work with...I have a lot more "b" fingers that are not being used.

So -- you can see that the colorful part wants to curl up once you cut the fingers off.

I had to turn the top edge in and tack it down.

Then -- so the "material" doesn't totally unravel -- I rolled both edges in but I needed to used pins to hold the edges in place.

Regular spikes are not this labor intensive.

There...ready to stitch up.

These spikes are also a whole lot bulkier/thicker than the regular spikes.

These came from the same glove.

The thicker/bulkier spikes fill in the lower area around the tail pretty well.  I was wondering how I was going to deal with that.

There are now 35 spikes on the back of the combo-creature.

It is easy to poke a hole in the fabric for a new spike, but it is getting more difficult to sew it into place on the reverse side -- I will show that tomorrow.

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