Friday, December 7, 2012

2012/365 - Day 341 (belatedly)

the day started out pretty good...

In the morning I worked a little bit on the sewn-together-piece-of-fabric guy, adding a few more spikes, trimming them on the inside, and shoving some stuffing in the head to get a look at the spikes so far.

Then Ruth and I got together for lunch and we were going to go to a movie.  Unfortunately, part way during lunch my knee started hurting.  By the time we were done with lunch and I was walking to the car I knew I was in a bit of trouble.  I was getting nauseous from the pain and it was bad enough to start giving me more unpleasant physical problems so we decided to call off the movie for that day.

After dropping Ruth off, I went home and took my meds and elevated my knee and ice packed it and veg-ed out in front of tv.  Not much else I could do.  I apparently needed sleep because I lost the entire afternoon and most of the evening.  I woke up and fed the cats and repeated the steps above, waking up at around 4 in the morning.  I needed to stretch out so I went to bed.  Waaaaah...poor Took.  Nothing else creative got done.

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