Monday, December 10, 2012

2012/365 - Day 345

this is getting pretty tiresome

Another not-so-great day...I didn't get anything creative done.

I saw my regular physician today and we went over my MRI -- I definitely have a torn medial meniscus (along with a handful of other problems in and around my knee).  The first opening the specialist has is not until January 8.  They have me on the waiting list in case they get a cancellation before then.  In the meantime I am supposed to take it "really easy" and do the elevation/cold pack/pain meds routine.  Okay -- I don't seem to have much choice anyway.

I know some days will be better than others.  Today is just about over...hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better.  I will just have to think of more things that can be done from my recliner.

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