Monday, December 3, 2012

2012/365 - Day 338


Still thinking/brainstorming about the house page.  What's in my head doesn't translate too well to the sketchbook page -- yet.  Still very early idea(s).

I would draw/construct/collage a house on the top part of the page.   The doors of the house would open up to reveal the page underneath that shows an interior -- probably a magazine photo or something...another collage.

So...I would take one page and find an interior (or collage an interior) from magazine images and glue them down in the general area of where the door will be -- that would be the bottom layer of the two-piece page.  Then I would make the top part be the exterior and yard, with the doors that would open to reveal the interior collage.

Again...this only needs to make sense to ME later on...LOL.

part two -- later that same evening...

I was feeling like I wanted to sew something so I scooped up my sewn-together-piece-of-fabric guy and made some legs for him.

I grabbed some leftover fabric that I really like.

I was thinking I'd like to try and just free-hand the shape of the legs.  

I put pins down the middle of the fabric so it wouldn't slip (just in case).

I didn't care if the legs were not perfectly matched.

I trimmed off the excess material.

I tried them out with the sewn-together-piece-of-fabric...looks kinda cool.

Then I turned the legs right-side out and stuffed them and forgot to take photos of that process for myself.  It was frustrating because I couldn't get the stuffing even -- or as even as I was hoping for -- my homemade stuffing device was too big for most of the leg, only the very top fit.

So I put the legs into the body (like Suzanne showed me with Spikey) and sewed across the edge.

Sometimes I do wish I had a machine and knew how to use it.

How the inside edge looks...for now.

Bootsy was intrigued.

Yeah...not a cat toy, Bootsy!

Not too bad!

I didn't notice until this photo that I (somehow) got the stripes wasn't intentional, that's for sure!

I pushed some stuffing into the body to see how it might look.  

I haven't decided on anything yet...I don't know the body shape, the head shape, whether it will have spikes or not, whether I will add a head or just section one out of the idea where to go from here -- yet.

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