Monday, December 17, 2012

2012/365 - Day 352

it's not much...but at least it's SOMEthing

Today has been a really tough pain day with my knee.  It has been pretty painful so far, but not this intense since the day I originally injured it.  I don't know if the increase in pain was caused by working at the dining room table the last couple of days (with the eraser carving) but that is where the injury occurred in late October.  My sister Sue was also over this morning and we sat at that table (it was pretty painful then, even) and then we made a very quick trip up to the grocery store -- gone for no more than 20 minutes -- and Sue even did the driving, with my car -- and it has taken all this time (it is now around 11 p.m.) to feel decent enough to concentrate on sewing some spikes.  Oh well...enough of this whining.

Spike number one...these are the variegated spikes today.

The inside view of the four spikes I added.

I think I will add a few more spikes while I am watching tv but I wanted to get in here and post to the blog before it got too late.

I didn't even realize that Bootsy was on the back of my chair the whole time.

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