Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012/365 - Day 361

changing an old, old guy

This is one of the very first things I ever tried to make with the "magic" stretch knit gloves...I found him yesterday when I was sorting out a couple of yarn bins.  He was made back in 2006 for a trading project in an online art group I belonged to.  The project was called "Stuffies with a Secret". 

Man...this guy is just barely together.  I remember watching sewing videos to see how to make stitches.  (You may recall that I do much better when I am shown things in person vs watching a video or trying to read and follow instructions and diagrams.)

This guy's "secret" was going to be that he had a pocket (or something) on his back for stashing notes or messages or tiny objects.

Today I decided to see if I could make him into something that was more appealing to me.

Here he is with some of the fabric I found yesterday in one of the bins.

I thought it would be fitting if I used one of the fabrics I found with him instead of a newer one.  I decided to turn his yellow felt pocket thing into a sort of backpack.

I used the yellow one as a template and cut it larger for "seam" allowance.  I finger creased the edges.

Now he has a starry backpack/pocket.

Twink watching the snow.

I gave him new arms.  I was going to reuse the stuffing that was in his flattish old arms and then I changed my mind and just folded these glove fingers in on themselves...much in the way the spikes are made for the other guys.

Then I took off his face and then I removed his buttons.  I had to open his head to work with the new buttons.

Some eyelashes.

When I was closing his head I got the idea to give him horns and make the edges into ears.  I added "hair" and now he is done!

Rear view.

Close up taken in the guest bathroom "photo studio" -- the light is really different in there, especially when it is snowing.  Oh well -- you can see the details better here...the colors are more correct in the other shots.

I like him much better now.

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