Friday, December 14, 2012

2012/365 - Day 349

how a control freak does something random

Today I have been struggling with my freakishly iron grip on control...and trying to be "random".

buttons for dots of color

colorful floss

ACK -- decisions on choosing color combinations and placement -- while trying to achieve a "random" look...this is SO difficult for the triple-Capricorn.
 You would not believe how stressful this has been -- don't let the blue floss be next to another blue floss...but it looks good with the button color -- but don't put another pink button there.  Juana is usually my randomizer/helper but today I am going it alone (like a repo man).  The actual sewing on of the buttons was relaxing, but the choosing/placing/"randomizing" was so exhausting.  (Waaaaaah, poor Took...I realized I have been gritting my teeth for most of the day...not grinding, just gritting.)

Also today ...

Strengthening/decorating the seams/joints of the sections of the tail.

I started out trying to make it a more solid color all the way around but it started to get pulled out of shape and getting bulky at the joints.  I like the look of the rough stitches.

Overall...not too bad!

and ...

These two buttons might end up being the foundation of the eyes.

and one other thing ...

I might give this guy teefs...not teeth...teefs.  I think my creatures probably have teefs vs teeth.

But the white glove thumbs and fingers are too fuzzy with black fuzz from other glove parts in their bin(s).  They aren't dirty, just contact fuzzy. I am not going to try to un-fuzz them...I will try to select something else for possible teefs.

What I came up with -- beige OR variegated gray camouflage OR variegated green/gray camouflage.

I got them mostly pointy, but I think they may need to be flatter rather than round.

As possible teefs (and a first try) they aren't too bad -- but I will keep thinking about it.  I am not totally sure this guy needs/wants teefs.

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