Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012/365 - Day 340

Spikey has a new home - and - working from my chair

Great news -- the hand sewn creature I made for the Holly Dolly fundraiser at Paint Creek Center for the Arts (Rochester, MI) has a new home!

A friend of a real life friend friended me on Facebook a short while ago.  I didn't realize at the time that she was not local to us.  Her name is Tammy and she is a friend of Peggy's, and now we are Facebook friends. 

Today I was absolutely thrilled to see this photo on Facebook with the caption: "Spikey said it was a long flight and to get him out of that box!"

That was when I "discovered" that Tammy lives in Pennsylvania.  

Wow -- so number one, PCCA gets the donation for the sale of Spikey.  Number two, Spikey has a new home.  And number three, Tammy liked Spikey enough (from photos) to purchase him and have him shipped to PA!

I am so happy for ALL of us -- thank you, Tammy!  And Spikey -- you behave!

in other news...
This morning I finally had the MRI done on my right knee.  I wasn't feeling so bad this morning when I was getting ready to go and I was half-wondering if maybe I had "gotten over" whatever I had done to my knee in late October.  Yeah...right.   When I arrived at the medical building and got out of my car, my knee did the locking up thing.  I could barely move.  I step/dragged it up to the building then my knee unlocked.  When I got on the elevator my knee locked up again...really painful.  I made it down to the MRI office and got checked in.  While I was waiting my knee was really hurting.

The tech called me in and got me situated on the table.  Oh man...owwwww.  Then he put a pillow under my knee to support it in the device and then he packed stuff around it (I couldn't see what he was doing) then it felt like he strapped it in a little and he told me NOT to move during the entire process.  He gave me ear plugs and said it was going to get loud in there.  He gave me what felt like a blood pressure bulb and said to squeeze it if I got into trouble.  All I can say is that I wanted to get it over as quickly and smoothly as possible.

O.M.F.G. -- if I had any glimmer whatsoever that my knee was even partially "okay" it was totally dashed after the first five minutes of staying still.  The tech was really great about talking to me over a loudspeaker and letting me know how many more films (I don't remember the word he used) we had to do, but it was just excruciating to not move my leg.  I felt like Richard Parker was feasting on my knee, slowly and thoroughly.  All I could do was try to control my breathing and lay there and let the tears flow.  

Finally it was over and I hobbled/stepped-and-dragged my way back out to my car and drove myself home.  Yes.  There is absolutely something wrong with my knee.  I hope I can avoid surgery -- my sister says her husband also had a torn medial meniscus and that he had outpatient surgery with like four small incisions.  I can only hope for something that "easy".  I am not a good candidate for surgery...among many, many other things I just don't heal well.  I have an appointment with my regular doctor on Monday and I guess we will see where I go from there.  Fingers crossed.  (Sorry for unloading all of that.)

BUT...that brings me to why all of the photos for today are from my chair...I often do a lot of work from here while watching television but now my recliner has become my new HQ for the better part of the day/night until things get settled...including the photos.

That's a cold pack in a flannel pillow case over my knee/thigh.  That's about normal for my ankle...I have edema issues, too.

Okay -- enough of the waaaaah, poor Took-ing!

Today I am reworking a hand sewn guy I started a few weeks ago.  I am reusing as much of the embroidery floss as I can...I only basted stuff together.

Hard to tell, but this is his head.  The pink thread is now his jaw line and the brown fabric has been cut away.  That was going to be an ear at one point.  Not a long dangly dog ear (like it looks) but more like a bear ear that was sectioned by thread right on the head.

I started making some spikes for the top of his head.  Solid color ones for that area.  These are leftover thumbs from gloves I use for finger puppets.

This shows his new head shape.

A little stuffing pushed into the head to test out the shape...for now.

This triangle is marked on the inside of the fabric of the head to show me where to put the spikes.

The first spike.

Stuffing out, the first few spikes get attached.

I like not knowing how he is going to turn out.  I really have no solid plans for him yet...he will happen as he happens.

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