Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012/365 - Day 339

a very moving and magical movie day

Wow.  I had  high hopes for the film version of Life of Pi.  I re-read the book last week and I was eager to see the movie.  Today my sister Sue and I went to lunch and then to see the film.  All I can say is that it did not disappoint.

I first read the book during a time in my life when it really had a lot of impact on me.  Today the film rekindled all of the emotion and magic.  I don't care what anyone else says -- I absolutely loved the movie and was emotionally drained leaving the theater.  I want to see it again.

I usually do not like 3D movies.  This was instantly fabulous.  The opening scenes of the zoo were exactly as I pictured it when I read the book.  Yes, the movie strayed in parts from the book -- but doesn't that always happen?  I don't know why some people are giving this film harsh criticisms for that.  I felt the movie worked...really, really worked.

ANYway -- Life of Pi was my artful immersion for today.  Such glorious imagery and emotion.  Man.

Unfortunately, today was also extremely hard on my knee and with tomorrow morning's MRI (finally) I need to cold pack my knee and keep my leg elevated.  I hurt way too much to concentrate on any artwork.  My meds are doing their thing and I am a bit drowsy -- going to bed early and getting up early and getting myself in for the MRI.

Back at it tomorrow -- I just wanted to check in.

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