Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012/365 - Day 348

making one combo-creature out of two

Tonight I was looking for something that I could do from my chair but I was tired of making spikes.  I was thinking about how I keep mixing up the two creatures in my head...thinking the sewn-together-pieces-of-fabric guy is the other guy with the spikes on his head already and the cool tail.  Voila -- why not make one creature out of the things I like from the two creatures.

Okay -- so the sewn-together-pieces-of-fabric has the cool legs and the other guy has the great tail and the decent (so far) head shape with the spikes already sewn on.

First I needed to take the tail off of the brown guy.

Hoo-boy -- I really put that tail on!  There were about a billion tiny stitches that overlapped one another, changed directions, went clean threw the tail from one side to the other -- there was no way that tail was going to fall off.  I think I remember the hole being just a tad too large and that's why I felt I needed to secure it so well.

The hole in the sewn-together-pieces-of-fabric needed to be made over two of the pieces of fabric.  I had to cut into the seam...

...and the hole became larger pretty quickly!

I found I could sew the seam together again as I was tacking the tail in.  (Am I using the term "tacking" correctly?)  Anyway...I ended up doing another really secure tail anchoring job again.

I think it looks pretty good.

When I go back and fix up various parts, the tail will definitely be one of those that gets a lot of attention...especially on the inside.

I want to tidy up the sections of the tail eventually...maybe make the connections more decorative.

Then I felt like I wanted to see how I might be able to attach the head to the body.   I still don't know what the arms will look like.

I pinned the slightly stuffed body and head together.

Hmmm...kinda reminds me of Spikey, but not.

Twink likes him a lot...

...he kept rolling all over the new creature.

The combo-creature so far. 

Sitting like this, I suppose he does resemble Spikey.

Bootsy is nuts for him and kept trying to drag him off by grabbing various parts.

Bootsy also needs to "touch" everything with his paws...he was fascinated with those long legs.

Then Bootsy chomped on the dark pink spike and almost took the creature right out of my hand!

I laid the creature out and looked away for just a second...that was all the time Bootsy needed to grab the tail and start chewing and trying to drag the creature backwards.  It was pretty funny.

I don't know how this combo-creature is going to turn out, but the cats really like him!

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