Friday, March 1, 2013

365/2013 - Day 60

ai-eeeeeeeeeeee -- shark!

Well, snow shark that is.  And a snow dog (which is starting to look like a possible snow cat to me).  They are both at the Northville Art House.

And while I was at the Art House putting new art into Greeny, Karen came by to purchase some early xmas presents -- 10 Tookies finger puppets from the Art-o-mat machine!  Thank YOU, Karen! 

Also -- as if that wasn't enough -- Carla presented me with the companion piece to the woodburned giraffe I purchased from her a while back.  We traded some art -- I gave her a dog girl collage and she gave me this woodburned wader -- thanks, Carla!  (I don't know if it is a crane, egret, ibis...)

Tonight I resumed work on the first tier of the tomato cage display thing for the spikey creature.  The larger balls need another coat of paint and some varnish...they also need to be glued onto the wire pokey parts.

I am not sure if I will continue the wrapping with more of the yarn or if I will make each tier slightly different.  I have plenty of the wooden beads and wire left.

But I also have a small bin of beautiful ribbons that I have never used yet.  I am thinking I may try to incorporate some of them and still do the wire/beads part.

I don't know yet.

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