Thursday, March 28, 2013

365/2013 - Day 87

working on his eyes

First let me say he looks better in person than in the photos.  The rough surface of the plaster cloth has been pretty much hidden everywhere else with layers of art paper(s) and matte medium.  His crown and his eyes are the last of the areas that show the "real" surface texture.  I am a bit torn by this because it is all I can focus on. 

I will still be coating him well with varnish, giving him a satin finish.

early today his eyes are fogged with matte medium -- he still has some of the purple paint on the plaster cloth holding his glass eyes in place -- I cut away as much as I could of the eye plaster cloth but I HAD to leave as much as was left in the end
I started painting with the Payne's Gray acrylic paint painstakingly carefully, holding my breath -- then I thought "geez, let it go" and just worked at making sure I was getting paint into every single crevice and pitted spot
I think he no longer looks cross-eyed at all -- I have lived with many cats who had what looked like either white or black eyeliner around their eyes -- I am very happy with his eyes

I am looking forward to completing this cat-king-creature.  He has been fun, frustrating, and finally -- because he was not made with any particular purpose in mind -- satisfying.

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