Friday, March 8, 2013

365/2013 - Day 67 (updated)

a full day and night

A lot happened is a little bit about most of it.

I fell in love with Claudia Roulier's artwork a long time ago.  I don't recall exactly when I first saw her work, but when I was making and selling and collecting ATCs and ACEOs on eBay I bought this card by her.

a shot of a card made by Claudia Roulier (2005)

Jump ahead to January 24, 2013 and Claudia's blog post for that day -- I fell in love with the imagery instantly!  I got up my nerve two days later to comment (for the first time) on her post of the finished painting.  

The Juggler by Claudia Roulier
Several emails have been exchanged since then and today I made my first payment on this marvelous piece!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  The Juggler will be one of Claudia's pieces in an upcoming circus-themed show in Evergreen, CO that runs from April 26 to May 23.  Other artists in the show include:  Kathy Beekman, Penny Bidwell, Dave Sieler, and Tim Flynn.  Man...I wish I could go to see the show in person!

The Northville Art House has given me the opportunity to curate a show of my own -- it will be in October of this year.  It will be called "Under the (Inspired) Influence" and I have chosen a handful of artists whose work has thrilled and inspired me beyond words.  There is so much planning and  preparation to take care of and this is the sort of thing I absolutely love to do.

October seems like light-years from right now, but I need to get down to work.  This afternoon I made an appointment with Joan and we discussed the first steps I need to get started on.

my friend Joan Potter Thomas...director of The Northville Art House

early evening
I picked up my friend Ruth and we headed to Juana's to pick her up.  Then we made a stop at the Woods Gallery to drop off one more piece of mine for the "Spirits" show.  

"Spirits" will be Baby Beast's last exhibition appearance
Lisa (in Gallery Director mode making adjustments) and Juana and Ruth snapping pics
Baby Beast casts really cool shadows in this lighting/setting
I'm SO excited to be in this show with my friends Juana, Lisa, and Renee!
Next Juana, Ruth and I hotfooted it over to another incredible artist friend's solo show at Birmingham Gallery.  Kate Paul...what can I say about Kate about just look at the photos and get yourself over to the show to see it in person!

postcard for Kate's solo show "Kateland" at Birmingham Gallery
this work is so cool -- it is interactive and lit from behind and you can adjust the background colors
my favorite piece in this show -- "Rebirth of a Rainbow"
detail -- "Rebirth of a Rainbow"
you may remember the painting I recently acquired -- "Earning My Stripes" (detail) -- this piece is not in the show, I just wanted to show it off again
Next Juana, Ruth, and I headed back up Woodward to Ferndale to see the exhibition "For the Love of Reading" at the Ferndale Public Library.  The show is an artful celebration of books, characters, stories, and reading.  Juana and Peggy have fabulous pieces in this show.  It is a really great show and the reception was packed!  Don't miss it!  (It is difficult to get photos w/o glare...but here are a few shots -- I'd like to go back and revisit the show when it is a little less crowded.)

Where Juana's piece is
closer view of Juana's "A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer" -- you need to see it in person!
Peggy's work for the show!

And you know how I rarely ever see anyone I know when I am out and about?  Well -- at the "For the Love of Reading" show we ran into Lisa and her friends outside of the library as we were going

and these two out of focus characters -- Mark and Leann!
After seeing the show Ruth, Juana, Mark, Leann, and I went to get some dinner.  Ha!  Good luck getting in anywhere in Ferndale on a Friday night!  We met up at one place (an hour and a half wait) and we moved back up Woodward to another restaurant with only a few minutes wait.  Good food, GREAT company...fabulous end to a long, FUN day!


Anonymous said...

it is obvious you lead a very artful life... :O D

Leann said...

It's not the camera or the photographer, Mark and I are always out of focus.

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