Sunday, March 10, 2013

365/2013 - Day 69 -- UPDATED -- (2x)


I can walk 3/4 of the way around the big studio table again!  I can barely believe it.  I can get to the shelves.  I can see what bins are under the table. 

I am going to take a break for a while then I will start on the stuff on top of the table.  And guess what -- I have actually been putting things "all the way away" and/or throwing things out!

And yes...absolutely...this IS my progress report for the day.  I can start working on things in the real studio again soon...although I may keep the temporary plaster cloth studio as the plaster cloth studio and do everything else in here.


Oh. my. glop.  I did it!  I can see the surface of the big studio table again!

And I brought the plaster cloth guys that only need painting into the big studio.  The other guys that need more construction will stay in the "new" plaster cloth studio (no longer "temporary").  There are a few larger pieces that are still in the big studio that won't fit in the other one right now...but at least they are contained and out of the way.

Everything from my desk to the back of the room is still a mess and needs work, but I am very happy with today's progress.  Maybe I won't mind painting so much if I do it in here.  (Yeah, right)

2nd UPDATE -- a burst of energy 

I am not sure if it was so much a burst of energy as it was a "normal" burst of obsession.  I really should have waited until tomorrow for some help from my sister but I neeeeeded to get this done tonight.

I moved the cat tree out of the plaster cloth studio, moved the comfy blue rocky/recliney chair I got from Sass into the living room (now the cats can use it again AND in the unlikely event that someone comes over and we want to watch tv or a movie there is actually someplace for them to sit.)  Then I moved the tomato cage goat-ish guy and working dog guy to the spot under the stairs to the loft where the cat tree was.  Then I put the croc-like guy into the closet, moved the tigery guy into the area in front of the closet, moved the camelish guy over there with them, THEN I swung the table to fit across the wall with the window.  This also places the table underneath the one recessed light in the room.  It also will allow me/a helper to hang up some clamp lights from the catwalk/shelf above the table.  And for the time being, I am using a few of the stairs to the loft as shelves.  Now THIS room needs to get the table decluttered.  Man.
these guys are staying put for now

wow -- even MORE room to walk...and I have easier access to the storage closet now

tomato cage guys under the stairs to the loft where the cat tree used to be
goatish guy and working dog guy (with his arms and tie on the floor)
croc-guy in the closet, tigery guy and camel-like guy -- floor lamp (on the table) will be replaced by clamp lights soon
rabbity guy, "it was this big" guy, Pie-Eyed Mr. Pickle, and the baby snake/hatchling guy

 Still PLENTY of work to do -- but I'm getting there!

Oh -- and the cats have twin cat trees (except one of the cat trees is taller).


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