Saturday, March 2, 2013

365/2013 - Day 61

whew -- finished the tomato cage in record time!

I still have to permanently affix the balls to the pokey wires at the top of the tomato cage display thing, but I did it -- I finished it today!!!  It feels like my right arm is going to fall off at the shoulder -- that is a lot of wrapping and winding balls of yarn and wrapping more and then wrapping wire over the wrapped wires.

the day started with fine sanding the painted balls and putting on a final coat of paint
then I coated them with Liquitex matte varnish (still wet in this photo)
I made the decision to do the legs in ribbon that I had in my ribbon stash...I had enough of this blue to do two legs
and enough of this olive ribbon to do one leg
I could've done two legs with this ribbon but I wanted to save some -- it is so soft -- it feels like a man's tie.  The blue legs got olive wire and the olive legs got blue wire -- it was really cool that I had all of this stuff already!
yay -- the legs are done -- now to get back to wrapping the tiers
I decided to just go with all of the tiers matching each other -- I have quite a bit of this flat yarn that I use for Tookies finger puppets and frankly, quite a bit of it is unusable for the puppet "hair" because it is creased.  I was able to flatten it out over the wire tiers and then anchor it with more of the olive wire...I had just enough!
Bootsy approves

Now the tough part -- figuring out how to suspend the spikey creature within the tomato cage.  I have a few ideas but I don't want to cover up too much of the creature.  It will come to me...I'm taking the night off!

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