Saturday, March 9, 2013

365/2013 - Day 68

quiet day at home

After yesterday's flurry of activities I needed a day to just take it slow and easy.  I worked in the studio chipping away at decluttering...things are looking a bit better.

I was thinking about this calf-like guy today -- I couldn't quit thinking about him -- so I tried to fill in one of his eyes.

I really didn't feel like painting (do I ever?) so I didn't want to force the issue...but I feel a little bit better with just that much started.

Later on I tried doing a few automatic drawing pages in a sketchbook.  Not much came through in 5 pages...but here are two of them.  Nothing like I would actively think to draw.

a sort of a chubby bearded big nosed wizard kind of guy
a goat-like horned wizardy guy with hoofy feet in a long robe with an ermine-ish cape

A bigger task I needed to do -- I wrote out my initial information letter to the artists for the exhibition I am curating this October.  It is ready to be proofed then mailed.  Yay.

Oh -- and I needed to get some wine for next week's artists reception for the 4-person show I'm in.  I am not a wine drinker -- I choose by the label art.  I love these bears.


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