Monday, March 4, 2013

365/2013 - Day 63

whew -- stuff delivered to the gallery for the upcoming show

Today Juana and I had lunch, changed the art in the Art-o-mat machine at LIFT in Royal Oak, stopped by Utrecht Art Supplies AND got to see Anita, then dropped our stuff off for the Spirits show and hung out while Lisa started to put it all together.

I am totally worn out so here are some photos from the gallery part of our day.  

all packed up and ready to go!
Juana making her title/price list
Lisa pulling nails and bringing in pedestals
two of my pieces
Lisa putting "Cirque du Quillz" on a taller pedestal -- yep, he needs a piece of glass underneath him so he'll fit on the pedestal
Lisa with my "Keeper of Secrets"
LOL -- he looks cool spread over three short pedestals
looks so cool
my "Woodland Bop" and Juana's lion guy having a little chat
yay!  Renee arrived!
Renee checking out one of Juana's great pieces
say "hi" to the blog, ladies!
it is starting to take shape -- this is going to be a really good looking show!

And here is the front of the postcard for the show -- the Artists Reception is next Friday.

another great postcard, Lisa!

1 comment:

Woodie said...

WOW! love seeing all your creatures! Looks like it's going to be an awesome show!

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