Sunday, March 31, 2013

365/2013 - Day 90

that drill and hammer get heavy after a while

The drill and hammer don't seem all that heavy when you first start out fresh on the job for the day.  But man -- it is so surprising to me just how much they wear you down.  

Today I was visited by my Universal collaborators and they guided me to flatten out the copper things as I added them to the croco-creature's base.  Of course, that meant I needed to go back and redo the top screws on the ones I had already put on yesterday...but it was well worth it.  I was also able to remove the big staples that I used on the very first day.  This base is incredibly secure.

there were some areas of the unfinished plywood table top that looked like I probably shouldn't drill into -- the wood isn't split, there is just a slight gap there

Thirty-eight copper things later and the croco-creature is back on the floor...for now.  Next I need to acquire a counterweight to replace the container of cat litter.

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