Friday, March 15, 2013

365/2013 - Day 73 (I missed another deadline again!)

man -- I am just out of whack  

Today I got the third of a series of three injections in my knee -- it was also 2nd Thursday.  I did some cooking last night and assembly of avocado deviled eggs shortly after I got home and Juana arrived.  Tomorrow (now today) is the Artists Reception for the "Spirits" show -- I am just out of whack I think.  I just simply slept through my midnight deadline to post to the blog one more time.


Tonight at 2nd Thursday Leann had the activity.  She assigned all of us our own country and gave us a name for it (we were free to choose a different name) and we were charged with creating our own flag, postage stamps and currency for these new countries.  It was a lot of fun!

Here are some photos from tonight's session.

Tonight's participants:  Leann, Peggy, Janice, Jan, Ruth, Juana, me (invisible/taking photo)
Leann gave my country the name "Tooktopia" -- this is the flag I came up with
my postage stamps -- Leann graciously let us use a ton of her hand carved stamps -- she is amazing at carving...and such detailed tiny stamps
the front of my currency
the reverse side of my currency
detail of my currency -- me as Queen of Tooktopia
say "Hi!" to everyone, ladies!

You know, it always astounds me -- we make such a huge mess while we are doing the activity then at the end of the evening, everyone stands up and suddenly (magically) two minutes later the table is totally cleared off and it looks like no one was here.  Unbelievable.  Another great meeting of the 2nd Thursday group!  Thanks for coming, friends!  And thanks for the super fun activity, Leann!

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