Wednesday, March 20, 2013

365/2013 - Day 79

trying to add some color

Today I have been trying out some various papers in shades of (mostly) blue to try to give a base color to the bear-like guy.  I will try to tone them down with white papers.

the first few pieces of the marbled blue paper are applied with matte medium
I think I like this look
now some navy blue for the bottoms of his legs
the reverse side of the marbled paper has a sort of tie dye look
now an aqua Unryu paper
you can sort of see the white tissue paper that I have been building up on this guy...the pale blue from his arms up is a tinted gesso
the cats went back to bed this afternoon -- Bootsy gets under the covers
now that the matte medium has dried for a while you can see the tie dye look paper
still a long way to go

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