Thursday, March 21, 2013

365/2013 - Day 80

more coloring with paper

Last night before I went to bed I worked a little more on the bear-like guy.

I decided to put a layer of pale blue on over the colors instead of white
still working on him, but you can see some of the aqua poking through the layers
how I left him last night -- still wet -- but I covered all of him except his muzzle and ears

Today when I looked at him after he had dried quite a bit -- I think he is really starting to look pretty good -- the colors are hard to photograph, but they blend into each other pretty well.  I am still thinking about whether he should be very blue (like he is now) or very very pale/mostly white with just some color underneath.

the colors look pretty cool
the colors in the marbled paper on his base are really deep
Tonight I thought I would give the cat-king-creature a layer of marbled paper.  I am not sure how well it will dry because his surface is extremely rough.

mostly yellow/green marbled paper
blue/purple/black/gold marbled paper
I was having a hard time deciding which color of marbled paper I wanted to use.  I liked them both.  Since I have a lot more of the blue than I do of the yellow, I went with the blue.

this is as far as I got tonight
I think I like him in I think I like that he was purple underneath
drying -- thinking about his legs and crown

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