Tuesday, March 12, 2013

365/2013 - Day 71

a day of cats

Today has been a delightfully cat-filled day.  Twink and Bootsy were arranging themselves for photos all over both of the cat trees...all...day...long.  You'd think they were super star cat models or something -- they were entertaining and just beautiful.  This is my favorite photo of the day -- reflects both of their personalities pretty well.


Aside from this, I am not going to write a whole lot tonight.  I want to do some serious research about something I am going to start working on.  It involves deconstructing a papier mache cat (same artist as the unfortunate black sheep that my cats busted up and that is now becoming the camel-like creature.)  I haven't been able to find any information about the artist online.  Today I found a photocopy sort of bio/info sheet that must have come with one of the pieces I bought way back then.  I want to see what else I can find out before I talk any more about it.

But I will say that part of my "punishment" for deconstructing this current piece is that I inhaled an awful lot of paper dust and the saw cuts turned the sawed edges into paper fluff (almost like blown-in insulation material) -- I was covered with it...I needed to change my clothes and leave the room there was so much dust.  I'm not complaining...just sayin'...I probably should have been wearing a respirator mask -- I really ought to invest in one I suppose.

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