Tuesday, March 5, 2013

365/2013 - Day 64 part two

a little plaster surgery...

I like this snakey guy but he needs some work.

He was just too unwieldy in that state...he had to be propped up in order to stay upright because his head and his tail were both pointing up off of the table.  He was about five and a half feet long at this point.

I knew I needed/wanted to cut a couple of sections out of him so that his face would be easier to look at and so that he could "stand" on his own.

I cut his head off, cut the bend of his tail off, then I needed to trim off another small section where his head attached to the body and also another small chunk of the tail curve.  The result is that I have a shorter, cuter snake and two leftover sections that I can probably use with another snake later on.

his "before" photo with the two sections taped in place
I think he has the look of a baby snake now
yay -- surgery was a success!

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