Wednesday, March 27, 2013

365/2013 - Day 86

another lovely Wednesday Morning with Joan and Leann

Ahhhh...I love Wednesday Mornings when Joan and Leann and I get together.  Today Leann had an activity for us -- folding a sheet of paper in half, dropping watercolors onto it and then blotting it with the other half and then making a picture out of it.  F*U*N!

my second one, but first one to draw on
Leann's, entitled "Lunch"
my first one, but the second to draw on

We worked on our own projects after the activity.  I touched up some of the cat-king-creature paper inside of his ears and around his ears.  After Joan and Leann left I opened a few windows and used some Liquid Leaf on the cat-king-creature's crown...this stuff is incredibly vapors-y.             I wanted to do it in copper but I tried the Florentine gold on the inside of the crown and then used copper on the outside but the copper looked a little too brown to me so I dry brushed some of the Florentine gold on top of the copper.

Now I still need to clean up his glass eyes and then paint some eyeliner around his eyes.  After he is totally dry I want to varnish him with satin varnish.

ALSO this morning I received my latest William Hessian piece in the mail (Leann brought it in off the porch when she came in.)  I LOVE IT -- now I need to think of how I would like to have it framed.  

still attached to the cardboard it was mailed in
Here is another link for William -- and one for his Etsy shop.

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