Tuesday, March 5, 2013

365/2013 - Day 64

taking stock

Well...now that the four pieces have been delivered to Woods Gallery for the "Spirits" show I was able to release all the tension I was holding and I had an amazing night's sleep.  It feels like a totally fresh start today.  Time to take stock of what is in process, what needs repair or reworking, and have a look at some other pieces I would like to make into new guys.

mostly needs a bit more papering and painting
needs a major paint job
needs painting/direction/personality/theme
needs to have painting completed
needs more construction
needs more construction and a theme
needs an overhaul -- head and tail need to be sawed off and put back on
gah -- THIS guy -- my very first stab at paper mache...a couple of different methods from different sources were used at first then I found plaster cloth -- obviously the main problem is balancing that long mouth area...the container inside of the tomato cage is full of cat litter to hold down the cage so he doesn't tip over...and he HAS tipped over a LOT...several broken teeth but no damage to the plaster cloth...many things I like about him but many things I don't like...mostly I want to FINISH him but I am just not sure where to go with the body...cut him off of the tomato cage?  dunno.  I also want to cut that cat apart and change it a bit (like I am doing with the black sheep/camel-like guy)
another old project on a tomato cage base
he still needs lots of work
this guy creeps me out a little -- I am sure he will be fine when he gets farther along
I love this one -- I need to figure her out
and I STILL don't know what these six guys are for yet -- the silent, waiting army
I like this guy's face and paint job -- but I think now that he needs a body
she needs to have her skirt redone and maybe a few more embellishments
this guy needs to be finished -- I adore this guy -- he is staying with me
this one needs a few repairs and could probably benefit from a base (now that I have made a few and am more confident with doing it)
these guys WANT to be something

And then there are all of the repurposed canvases/collages that are in various stages.

Yep -- I have PLENTY to do and LOTS to choose from.  Everything needs a good "think" and I believe I will work in a sketchbook with all of these guys.

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