Sunday, March 3, 2013

365/2013 - Day 62

final touches ...and titling/pricing items for show

I mixed up a two-part epoxy to secure the blue wooden balls to the top of the tomato cage.  Then it was on to what I find to be two of the more challenging tasks of getting pieces ready for an upcoming show -- the titles and prices.

Names are not hard for me, titles are.  I feel like people can always change a creature's name to suit them -- in fact, I pretty much expect them to -- names are important.  Titles, on the other hand, are different.  And that is why I oftentimes worry that when I add a title to a piece it could totally throw off a person's perception (or at least alter) what they first felt about it.  I also understand that sometimes a title can give a person an " I get it" moment...for better or worse.  And of course the ideal situation is that someone sees your work, doesn't give a fig about the title, and just likes it no matter what.  And then there is pricing your work.  Gah.

And now for something completely different -- look what I "found" in my cabinet.  Four heads I made in a ceramics session a long time ago...what can they become now I wonder?

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