Thursday, March 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 66

working in my plaster cloth sketchbook 

I recently took photos of most of the plaster cloth guys that are in various stages of process/progress and added them to a sketchbook to see if that would help me plan things out a little better.

Because I got my 2nd injection in my knee this afternoon I have been pretty laid up this evening.  It really hurt this time...waah waaah, poor Took.  (Suck it up, Cupcake!) But I worked on the crocodile-creature whenever I came out of my fog...LOL.

Here are the sketchbook pages for the croc-guy so far.  I can't decide whether I want to leave him on the tomato cage and figure out how to balance him -- OR -- take the "easier" (hah) route and cut him off of the tomato cage and make him into a large, long, ground-hugging guy.  Up on his feet, but low to the ground.  I am leaning more towards the leaving him on the tomato cage and dealing with the balance problem...and with that option I have two ideas for him/her.  

My original idea was a granny croc kind of creature wearing a shawl and a flowery print dress.  She'd be grays and whites with a black wash to show the textures of her surfaces.

What I am leaning more towards now is a representation of the character in one of my favorite Tyrannosaurus Rex songs "Warlord of the Royal Crocodiles".  I think there would be more to work with in terms of weighting him inside of the tomato cage and adding weight to his arms and scepter for balance.  

But it is still early yet...this could change totally by the time I start working on it for real.

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