Sunday, January 18, 2015

2016 | Day 18

Day Eighteen

Today Peggy and I went over to Kate's house to take her some postcards for A Group of Girls 2 (artist reception on Friday) and see her art and studio and to meet Pearl...and then to have tea and a lovely long chat about just everything.  We also got to say hi-and-bye to Gordy on his way in-and-out.  It was a wonderful afternoon. 

Tonight I wanted to work on something other that the Biteyou collage/painting.  Grammy needs a lot of repair work done to patch up hairline cracks and even out areas.  I can't believe I haven't worked on her since November  

I was mildly concerned that Grammy was not going to be Grammy after I started the repairs...and indeed she is morphing into a whole new character...her arms are no longer grammy-ish arms with a grammy-ish dress.  It is looking more like a male creature with thicher arms and a long sleeved coat with cuffs to me now.  I have a lot more repairs to do and I have a feeling there will be many changes as things progress.

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