Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 | Day 1

Day One

Tonight I pulled out one of the very first collage'd over canvases that I started several years ago.  I wanted to see if I could make a little more progress on it somewhere.

I sat with it for a few minutes then I decided to try to remove some elements I no longer feel very committed to.
I will keep the trees and the blue devil guy.  I am also very fond of the cat/fox guy who is carrying a sort of patchwork dog/cat under his arm.  I do not like the two large guys to the left of him.
I was able to erase the two guys to the left of the cat/fox guy.  I can still see the essence of them but they are pretty much erased.
Next I emphasized the long-legged creature and erased the bird that was partially covering the long-legged guy's legs and the unpainted parts of the two trees.  I darkened the tree trunks to prepare for painting.
After all of that erasing I tried pulling off the print of the carved creature that was just not right for this canvas.  It actually came off more easily than I expected it to.  Then, when I was just about done, I could start to see some sort of large catlike creature who is looking to the right.  I will work on him more.

And this is where I am stopping for tonight.  Mostly because I get pretty tense about trying to paint on this particular canvas/collage because I am not very skilled at painting and I am worried I will lose the guys that I can still see here.  I am not very skilled with shading and shadows and I am going to give it a go...I was very lucky with the blue devil guy...hopefully I can salvage the rest of the characters, too.
How it looks so far.

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