Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 | Day 14

Day Fourteen

Tonight I took a stab at giving the teensy bearish creatures behind Biteyou a faint glow and then mixed up a very pale yellow color and filled in their outlines.  I need to go back and tweak them IF I decide I like them enough to keep them.  I like the idea of them...not totally sold on them yet.

My starting point tonight.
Closer view of the starting point.
Mixed up one shade of yellow, then wanted to go paler.
I gave them a glow...and I liked how that looked, but the white outlines were very irregular and messed up so I filled them all the way in (holding my breath).
I think I like them...they might need a stronger glow and they definitely need to be touched up.
Farther back view.
Coming back and looking at the blog post after I published it has given me a couple of ideas for the teensy guys.

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