Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 | Day 2

Day Two

Today I worked on the mostly red collage.  I bought some Prismacolor Magic Rub erasers today when I was grabbing a new calendar.  I think the eraser helped about a smidge -- these lines are really old -- the Magic Rub probably works much better on fresher marks.


Next I defined the new big cat I am starting to get a feel for what he looks like.

first, with light pencil marks...
...then with a black Prismacolor pencil.

And I darkened the long legs guy.

I am still afraid to touch this guy -- he is my very favorite character in the collage.

I LOVE this bear guy -- he has a sort of David McPhail feel about him, to me...and I could not believe it when it first surfaced in this collage.  There is no way I could sit and draw that.  I am really worried I will mess it up.

I am not sure exactly how the leaves all got so black.  They started out bright gold.  This is the same sheet of paper they came from and the leaves on it have not tarnished.  The blackened leaves on the collage have all of the details in them, they are just black.  I may end up adding some of the gold leaves to the collage to fill in spaces where I have taken guys out.

Original sheet of paper with gold leaves on the left, blackened collage leaves on the right.
Hard to see in this photo, but the blackened leaves are very detailed still.

Also tonight I added some interference blue Perfect Pearls powder to Biteyou's orb glow.  It is very hard to see the difference in the photo, but in person you can just barely detect it and it does make a difference.  It kind of blends the elements together...with teensy little specks of color that really match the paint well.

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