Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 | Day 25

Day Twenty-Five

Today Terri and I got the auction items from the Group of Girls 2 show online at the Woods Gallery Facebook page.  Terri took photos of the artwork and I measured and recorded the pertinent information, then we came back to my house and worked on it together.  

Terri shooting the auction pieces at Woods Gallery.

Then Terri took hi-res, color-corrected photos of three paintings by Juana that are in my collection.  Juana needs good photos of them so she can get prints made and use the images later on for other items.

Terri set up a little staging area in my guest bathroom (good natural light from the skylight and north window) and took photos for Juana.

And THEN Terri started photographing some of my artwork to use on the website I hired her to set up for me.  Wow -- I am giddy thinking about it.  Today we secured my domain name and chose a template for the website.  Terri will work on some of the elements at home and we will meet up again soon to go over what she's got so far.  I can't believe I am becoming a dot com.

Then Terri started the first round of photos of my artwork for my upcoming website.

Thank You, Terri!!!

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