Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 | Day 6

Day Six

Today I've been working on the mostly red collage again.  It is hard to photograph it with my point-&-shoot camera because of all of the layers and nothing much for the camera to focus on -- I wish it would "see" what I am seeing.

The cat-dog got a whole body and redefined head.
The fox/cat carrying the cat-dog got a more defined collar on his coat, arm/hand around the cat-dog and I put his other hand into the pocket of his coat, down at his side.  He also has the bottom of his coat and legs.
The bear-guy got legs and is standing on the further hill.
I decided on a main hill for the landscape...trying to plot out a little bit more about where they all are.
Overall it looked like this at this stage.
It was getting hard for me to see some of the stuff, so I gave the main hill a basic coloring...raw and burnt sienna with raw umber.  I don't plan for it to stay this color.
I have been thinking it might be cool to cut out a few of the gold leaves (that ended up black in the collage) out of the original sheet of paper and add them in...they are just very loosely double-sided taped on for now.
The large cat guy will get most of the leaves.  I like how that torn off piece of red paper almost looks like a leaf, too.
This is at the bottom of the large cat guy's shirt/coat -- covering up the missing space that was once a large bird...the thing that interrupts the long legged guy's legs and the trees (once upon a time).
A couple more leaves to cover up where two or three other minor characters were removed...I kind of like how the leaves look loose on the canvas...at least I do for now.
The large cat guy's neck and outline were re-defined...his neck is thinner now.
The further away hill got diagonal lines (for now)...not sure about that.
The overall look at the end of the evening.

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