Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 | Day 21

Day Twenty-One

Whew, boy -- I get so tense when I am "painting" -- I had to stop for arms are shaking.  I stiffen up so much and focus so hard and hold my breath...I do it to myself, I know.  But there it is...turn the music up loud and that is how I get the painting done.

My starting point tonight.
Heh -- this time I mixed enough of the color to have some left for when I go back in and touch it up.
I have not yet drawn a crow that I am happy with -- tonight I think I like this guy.
I left myself some room to adjust his silhouette a bit...I am fairly happy with him so far.
At this point I had to turn the canvas upside down so I could lay the brush down and pull it towards me.
Not bad -- not too bad.   I need to touch him up a bit and I need to decide if I want to make his legs black (I am pretty sure I do) but I cannot take on such thin straight-ish lines tonight.  I really really love how the black inside of the teensy bearish creatures and the crow-like guy is blacker than the background.
Pretty go so far.  I need to adjust the glow a bit, too.
Eeek -- now I'm glowing, too!
Biteyou under a glowing orb.  A parade of teensy ghosty, glowing bearish creatures.  A ghosty, glowy crow-like guy.  Hmmm...

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