Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 | Day 10

Day Ten

Today I watched a bunch of tutorial videos on YouTube about dry brushing.  They were pretty much the same, with just a few variations, but it gave me a better idea of how to get started.  So I gave the really long horns guy a base coat of mid range quality black acrylic paint (because I didn't want to blast through a tube of better acrylic paint.  It is going to need a second coat because the first coat was going on over the matte medium coated decorative paper that covered this guy.  His horns took the paint better probably because they'd already had a half coat of dry brushing with good paint.

Later on before I go to bed for the night I will give him a second coat.

I was also giving some thought to the plaster cloth rabbit guy.  I made him a paper mock up of a sort of top hat and also a plastic sheet protector monocle...just to see how it might look.  This is just a really rough idea...kinda like the monocle -- not so sure about a top hat...yet.

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