Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 | Day 9

Day Nine

Tonight I entered a Call for Entries that was all done online...this is a first for me.  No making a CD of photos, no check to write, no running to the post office (or venue) to submit the package -- it was all very straight forward and easy.  Because I had never done a totally digital submission before, I watched the "how to add an entry" video just to make sure I was prepared before I hit the submit button.  

I was thinking I would submit that plaster cloth rabbit guy and plaster cloth really long horns guy but it turned out they needed more work than I first thought and I didn't want to rush either one to make the deadline.  Instead I entered two recent collages. 

Now I need to let go of all of this and just wait for the results posting.  I sincerely doubt either one will be accepted but I really enjoy every aspect of the submission process and trying my luck! 

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