Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 | Day 29

Day Twenty-Nine

I have been working on the big blue fluffy biteyou's background tonight.  I think I am going to call those pointy things mountains.  The two pointy things on each side of the collage are going to be towers of some kind (I think)...for now...maybe.  I outlined the various pointy things and added white Unyru paper to give a hint of snow.  I have LOTS of work to do, obviously, but at least I have more of an idea now.

Tonight's starting point.
Pointy things...becoming mountains.
Camera can't focus on this very well...old, old tissue papers from a Japanese sample book...the white papers are yellowing.
This tissue has a small flower design.
Where the torn paper is going.
How it looks for now...I am sure it will change.
White Unryu paper as a snow cap for a mountain.
Hmmm...not bad...but I am sure it will change, too.
More snow.
More mountains...more snow.
Not sure yet if this is a sun or a moon.
This pointy thing will become some sort of tower.
So will this one...a stripey tower.
Where I am leaving it for tonight...I will just overwork it if I keep at it.
I have only glue-sticked the papers on...they need matte medium...and I have a feeling they won't look the same after it dries.  Like I said...there is a LOT of work to do on this still.

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