Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 | Day 26

Day Twenty-Six

Tonight, lots of breath holding and lots and lots of time working on painting two areas of two collages.

First -- Biteyou's crow-like friend.  I tried to straighten the yellow lines a bit more...even them out.  I had to turn the canvas upside down again to be able to reach them.

Then -- I tried putting in some time with the bear-like guy on the mostly red collage.  I have been really reluctant to do anything to him because I am very worried that I am going to lose the face I was seeing with the shading.  And I think maybe I did wreck him tonight.  I will try to put his shading in another time and then come back in with the yellow again.  Damn.

I feel like I was mostly successful with the blue demon-guy when I tried painting him a couple of  years ago...I wish I could remember how I did it...although his features were not as special to me as the bear-like guy.

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