Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 | Day 24

Day Twenty-Four

Sometimes I just feel like working on something BIG.  Even if it is just a small part of it.  Tonight I added to the tall guy's neck.  I think there will be a lot of areas that need building up.  It is/will continue to be a challenge to work on this guy.  I kind of wish he came apart at the waist, the way his arms come off.  At this point I can still pick him up and move him, but not for long!

I wanted to start building up the front of his neck...
...after much trimming I ended up with this piece of cardboard.
I had to move a several big guys around in order to lay him on the table so I could reach to work on his neck area.
Cutting fresh lengths of plaster cloth.
Done for today, now trying to get a feel for how this looks...
...from different angles...

Yep...this is going to be challenging!


As I was leaving the room (and at eye level with the hands up cat girl again) I wondered if I might be able to pop on some large glass eyes instead of painting the plaster cloth ones again...looks like they might fit.
They just might work -- back when I first made her I didn't have large glass eyes yet...
...I was still painting the clear glass things.
I am pretty sure Baby Beast was the first guy that got larger glass taxidermy eyes.

I think I am done for the night...if I end up working on anything else I will come back and do a part's still early.

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